Why Swivel Group?

We’re renowned for attracting top tier talent, providing clients with certainty around delivery, quality and speed. This is possible through Innovation, Robust Talent Attraction mechanisms and Partnerships with the Top Universities in the world.

We attract the top talent available thanks to our recruitment engine, Swivel Recruitment. This includes a pool of over 20,000 skilled individuals that get filtered through a 6-step interview process. Thus ensuring you get to work with nothing but the best.

Once we get the ball rolling, our specialists will be able to deploy an Agile team of 50+ staff within a period of 30-40 days, all set and ready to go.

Your global outsourcing

As one of Australia’s reliable offshore recruitment agencies, our outsourcing services cater to information technology, digital marketing and the finance sector. Our recruitment services primarily include two models, Managed Services and Extended Teams. Managed Services is a facilitated and tailored model, we design and scale an Agile delivery team in 30 days. The model includes providing ongoing support and consultancy services with the aim of delivering current business manpower requirements.

Extended Teams is a bolt-on model, that helps you extend your team globally. We make this possible through our three global offices that serve a number of countries around the world. Regardless of your need, you can be rest assured that your project will be delivered reliably within scope and budget.

Your global outsourcing agency - Swivel Group


“Swivel performed well within our agile development environment, delivering exceptional mobile and testing capabilities”
Mike Bird - Our Client - Swivel Group
Mike Bird, CEO
Social Garden & Urban.com.au
“Swivel Group helped solve an issue of staffing and retention for us within the Managed Serviced Finance space. Their solution was 60% more cost effective and increased our processing volumes by 40%. We doubled our headcount with them within a 6 month period”
Peter Tsantis - Our Client - Swivel Group
Peter Tsantis, CFO
Porter Davis Homes

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