Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently
asked questions about us.

No, we are not a free-lancing company and we aren’t a short-term solution.

What we are is a vehicle that allows you to hire dedicated employees through us that work in our Western-managed offices in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Aside from cost-cutting benefits, our established infrastructure, recruitment, and supervision provide you with reliable and professional service which you would you would not get otherwise with offshore freelancers and the well-known associated risks

Swivel Group is an Australian company with three offices across Australia and Sri Lanka (and growing). We started the business due to our close ties to Sri Lanka and because we knew it was home to some of the world’s brightest talent across the corporate & technology space, whilst being very familiar with the outsourced/offshore style of working. We applied best-practice recruitment, management and most-importantly culture-fit principles from our corporate careers in Melbourne and found a huge gap that enabled us to filter talent better and faster than other leaders in the market.

We’re now known as a global talent and scalability partner supported by a team of 100+ staff, powered by sister companies SwivelTech (software development) and Swivel Recruitment (local and offshore recruitment) making us a complete people services business.

Our clients tell us we’ve solved a big problem in their ability to scale. We do this by finding talented individuals to join them full-time and providing offshore infrastructure to support their existing team and processes remotely.

Today, we work across most regions in the work in a full-time, dedicated team capacity.

They typically come to us when;

  • They haven’t outsourced work or offshored roles before
  • They don’t have certainty in their current team or processes to deliver a project
  • They don’t have internal capability or utilization to deliver a new project
  • They are looking for a faster way to get a team in place to start a project
  • They struggle to attract or retain talent sustainably in the local market
  • They are looking to save cost on headcount and find efficiency
  • They are looking to challenge their legacy processes as they move out of start-up phase and into scale-up
  • They want to avoid paying recruitment fees to hire good talent
  • Their process of getting a team in place is too slow

We formally began trading at the start of 2019. Our leadership team is split evenly between Australia and Sri Lanka and stems from successful careers across commercial finance, recruitment and software outsourcing at leadership level across the Australia, US and Sri Lanka.

100% – We encourage clients to visit and build a stronger relationship with staff.

Sri Lanka is a special part of the world…once you visit once, it’ll become a regular thing.


Dedicated Employee

You tell us your non-negotiables, required level and purpose you require from the position(s) and we handle the sourcing, background checks, references and technical assessments in order to meet our criteria for a shortlist. You hold the final interviews and decide who you want to bring onboard. The staff member works from our managed offices exclusively for you, working to the agreed office hours. The cost of seat can be up to 75% cheaper than hiring locally.

Dedicated Team

The team model works in a similar way where we initially hire a strong team leader, followed by a suited team which we provide guidance with regarding structure. They are stationed together in a dedicated area of our offices. We have the option of providing client branding and t-shirts for it to feel like your office space offshore, without needing to set it up yourselves.


We project manage this and work closely with you to define the brief on the product, end-user requirements and what kind of involvement you’d like to have in the process. We then scope the project and give you a proposal that involves the roadmap to delivery, required team structure and skillsets, timeframes, milestones and what we need to get started

We provide your employee with all the office space and tools required to work for you.

This includes:

  • Hardware, software, desk space, internet connection, back-up power generator
  • We deal with all the recruitment and vetting employees you require
  • You set out your rules and regulations for us and your employee, and we supervise and handle any non-work-related issues
  • We provide your business with dedicated space in our offshore offices within our offices in central Colombo, Sri Lanka

We have two established offices in the Sri Lanka, both located in the CBD, which enables us to attract the best talent available. With the majority of the Western and Eastern corporations and local conglomerates having worked here for many years, there is a pool of experienced talent able to cover most requirements within across both corporate and IT skillsets.


No, we take care of all of the non-work-related issues such as local licensing, permits, and taxes. We handle all human resource management of your Swivel employee where we are there to implement both incentives and disciplinaries at your request.

Our service provides dedicated Swivel employees that work directly underneath the client. Each employee you hire works exclusively for you on no other projects. The dedicated employee is part of your team just as if they were sat next to you in your office. Our biometric ‘clock in’ system reports ensure your staff member is at their desk working with you each day.

Many clients have started with one employee. However, as their businesses grew, they also grew their teams with Swivel Group. A team typically consists of a lead to manage the other staff. You communicate with your Lead just as if they were leading the team in your local office they then control, lead, and manage your team. Savings become even more significant when you scale your Swivel Dedicated Team.

Skill Sets

Within our Technology business, we specialise in Java, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Mobile development, SEO and Content writing.

Within our Accounting & Finance department, we specialise in Transactional Accounting, Management Accounting, Payroll and Compliance areas.

We currently have over 70 employees working in our offices with a number of Clients across the Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and the US. We work with businesses of all sizes ranging from 20 – 10,000employees.

Absolutely. Sri Lanka has the second highest literacy rate in the world behind the UK. All of our staff are tertiary qualified, and most have conducted their studies abroad.

Yes. We have two offices based in the major cities and technical hubs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. We have access to some of the highest regarded talent and skillsets available in the country. We advise discussing specifics with one of our Account Managers who will help you get the right employee that you need.

No, we hire based on what’s acceptable in the western market and they represent your business.


Swivel Group hires the employee, but the staff member of your choice will be your dedicated employee housed in our supervised offices. Your contract will be directly with Swivel Group Pty Ltd, an Australian company.

Yes, this is not a problem. We have VNC Viewer and TeamViewer readily available.

Yes, we have 6 month free replacement guarantee for all hires. We are yet to have anyone fail their probation with a client.

We typically supply full-time staff only, but we can also provide part-time staff depending on the skill-set required.

Contact one of our Australian based Account Managers. From there we will explore your need and provide free consultation on how our process aligns with what you’re looking for and what to expect. Our resourcing team will then implement the recruitment process. This normally takes 1 to 2 weeks but depending on the skill-set you require we can have this accomplished in as early as 2 to 3 days.

Yes. Think of us as your very own office in Sri Lanka. We will guarantee you have a dedicated area for your team in our fully furnished and managed offices. You can visit your employees any time in Sri Lanka and we will ensure we have a desk ready for you next to your team.

We will sign terms and proceed to the on boarding process.

Once all paperwork is completed, typically within a 2 to 4 week period.


Yes, we have two locations in the Sri Lanka, both in the highly sought-after Colombo Technology District.

We have the ability to set up a team of up to 100 staff within a 6 week period.

At speed. Typically a team is fully mobilised within a 4 to 6 week period.

We have 3 offices in total with the Head office being in Melbourne, Australia and two other global offices in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Cloud Employee offices are maintained to international standards. We provide all the latest hardware and software.


Hardware includes:

Powerful Laptops. Minimum i5 Processors.

Dual Screen systems

TFT monitors

Fax machine, scanners, and printers

Skype webcams


Software includes:

Microsoft Office

And Windows OS

We are able to customise your hardware build, to your specific requirement

We charge a monthly fee that covers the fully managed service. It includes base salary, statutory/pension fund contributions, cost of seat including support services such as HR, Finance, Marketing and Recruitment teams. All staff are also inducted to the Swivel Social Club.

Billing Schedule

14 day terms.

Typically bank transfer. We also accept Paypal although additional charges will apply.

Prices range depending on the Domain, Experience and Architecture involved. Typically we charge between $30 AUD to $70 AUD.


On all 12-month contracts, we require just 90 day prior notice to terminate your contract. This is to ensure we meet compliance requirements within the local authorities. Shorter termination periods can be provided with a balloon payment clause.

On any project related matters, we require a 30-day notice period.

Working with a Swivel Employee

We recommend a range of communication and project management tools and tailor to your business framework. Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Skype are just a few of the tools we regularly use.

No, as we hire specifically for your business and your requirements all staff are hand-picked for you and requires a commitment. For peace of mind, we do however offer a free replacement guarantee for the first 6 months of engagement to ensure our clients are satisfied with the staff.

Our model cuts out the agency middleman allowing you to manage your staff directly ‘day to day’ as though they are in your offices. We are, however, on site to ensure your employee is working at par with your standards with supervision from Swivel Management. There are weekly calls with your clients to discuss deliverables and expectations.

We provide a 6 month guarantee on all hires. If the staff do not meet your standards, we will replace for free.

Yes, we welcome all clients to visit our offices and explore Sri Lanka. We can organise for a guided tour at your request.

We currently have the capability to build up to 200 staff within a 60-day period. We have the ability to build a larger team with some advance notice.

Our staff work local business hours with some minor variations to align with client time zones. We value our staff, their work life balance and do not promote excessive variations to standard business hours. Typically our clients have welcomed the “extended day” work model we provide by having our staff pick up work that has been left behind from another time zone.

Data Security

We align our business to your Security framework by ensuring you store all date, in your servers. We are a pandemic proof business, as such our staff have the ability to work and does not have any of your data saved on our office PC’s unless you allow it.

We have Firewall and Data Security software installed on all machines as an added layer of comfort to our clients.

USB ports, printers, CD-ROMs, and personal e-mail can be disabled from your employee’s PC so that nothing can be duplicated, sent on, or taken home.

Software such as SpectorSoft can be installed on your employee’s PC that monitors exactly what they do, if that is a requirement from your end.

All offices require finger print access and have 24/7 CCTV facilities.

Our staff work are dedicated to you and are an extension of your team. There is no overflow or duplication within any other clients. We also have the luxury of spreading out teams across our different offices if necessary.

In addition, upon commencing all staff sign Non-Disclosure Clauses and Anti-Disparage statements specific to Swivel Group and its clients.